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Active people. Roller ski addicted.

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Founded in 1973, during its 40 years of business SKI SKETT by CRESTANI SPORT became the roller ski leader brand for the sports sector… The products made by Crestani Sport are the result of passion, experience and advanced technology; SKI SKETT offers a complete range of products for any requirements.


SKI SKETT or the idea of cross country skis with wheels was conceived in the mid 1960’s in the workshop of an artisan Fabio Crestani, located in North – Eastern Italy, in Sandrigo (Vicenza), an area renowned for its industrial productivity. The Company was already known for the production of sporting equipment for tennis courts (with the brand TENNIS JET), to which suddenly Fabio Crestani added the production of some prototypes of skis with wheels. The company, founded in 1973 is still ongoing under the management of his son Carlo Crestani and since its debut has become one of the most popular bestselling brands of roller skis in the world, with the brand SKI SKETT.


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